Welcome! I’m happy you’re here. You can call me Njambi a self-taught cook who had a distaste for cooking as a child.  I had never baked anything until my son’s first birthday in 2000 when I bought a cake that was that was too sweet for my palate.    However, while visiting my in-laws in Sweden I eat the best dessert ever that were made with so much ease.   During that visit I taught how to bake an apple cake by Aunt Lily and my love for baking began.  I was intrigues and bought a college level introduction to baking book where I learned all the baking techniques needed to bake great desserts.    I am also gluten intolerant and therefore I have learnt how to substitute and still recreate amazing dessert

Though I enjoy baking and cooking for my family and friends I do not use any measurement and can read a recipe and tweak it to my liking, I have learnt how to use very few spices and still come up with a mazing flavor.  Now that my kids have left home and family, and friends calling for recipes of their favorite eats, it a good reason write this down with precision measurements

I spend a considerable amount of my time dedicated to an orphanage in Kenya.  I also have an insatiable appetite for travel, and a desire to explore every inch of this planet, all while devouring knowledge of different food cultures along the way.